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Program Studi – English for Creative Industry

Fancy yourself a career in the entertainment business: script-writing, acting, and directing? Or a job in the media and publishing company: fiction-writing, copy-writing, and advertising?

Well, if you are imaginative, creative, witty, expressive, and artistic, you’ve got what it takes to win those fabulous and exciting careers.

What you need is a pathway, and English Cravin’ can take you there. Supported by friendly and experienced lecturers in Film and Theatre, Media Studies, Cultural Sciences, Digital Media Communication, Poetry, Prose, Science Fiction, Popular Literature, and Creative Writing, together with excellent facilities, English Cravin’ guarantees a wonderful study experience for you.

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Love is the Spirit of Caring  /  Integrity is Character in Action
Growth is the Fruit of Holistic Learning  /  Humility is the Beginning of Wisdom  /  Truth is the Basis of True Life