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“FELLOWSHIP NITE with International Students”

The teaching-learning at Petra Christian University became vibrant again with the coming of international students as part of Indonesian Spectrum and Darmasiswa programs. Indonesian Spectrum is a program for overseas students to learn various aspects of Indonesia such as the language, politics, and economic, social and cultural issues. They stayed for one or two semesters at Petra Christian University. Since 2010, Petra also collaborated with the Indonesian government program of Darmasiswa Scholarship.

The opening ceremony was held on Friday, September 9, 2013, in a program called “Fellowship Nite”. The participants performed games such as People Bingo, The Symbol and Do It The Other Way Around. The purpose was to make the foreign participants close to one another. They were 16 students coming from 12 countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, England, Australia, Poland, China, Hungary, Myanmar, Italy, Thailand and Japan. “This is so much fun. We learn to know and get close to each other,” said Erik, a student from Australia who would study at the International Business Management Program. “I enjoy this program so much,” added Luca Chiarolanza, a student from Italy.
According to Renny Novemsy Dese, S.S., the head of International Collaboration Unit, “some countries like China, Myanmar, Italy, England, Hungary and Australia just joined Indonesian Spectrum and Darmasiswa this year.” Renny added, “This year was the third time Petra organized this program. Therefore, it is hoped that this program can enrich Petra in terms of language experience and interaction expansion among our students. It also supports Petra’s vision, which is ”a caring and global university committed to Christian values.”

In his speech in the ceremony, Ir. Hanny Hosiana Tumbelaka, M.Sc, Ph. D, as the Vice Rector of Academic Matters, expressed hopes that the foreign students could follow the classes well, openly learn the Indonesian culture, and gain meaningful experience for their personal growth.
Students from Thailand, Myanmar, the Netherlands and Japan added a special touch to this fellowship night. They put on their delicate and unique traditional costumes. Other participants also presented their impression about Indonesia through pictures about Indonesian foods and heritage. Fellowship Nite was closed when Ir. Frederik Jones Syaranamual, M.Eng, as the Vice Rector of Students Matters, presented souvenirs to these international students.

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