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Community Outreach Program 2013 : Education for Better Future

During school holiday, some students of Petra Christian University chose to do another thing than just relaxing and doing nothing serious. They joined an annual community outreach program (COP). This year is the 17th program and the theme is “Education for a Better Future”, and thus the focus is on education. For almost one month, 6-31 July 2013, the students were involved in this service-learning program in Kediri, East Java. They learned how to teach and offer various services to the local community to overcome some of their problems.

By joining COP, students learn how to adapt themselves in the new situation in the village with its different customs and tradition, social class and education. They also had to adjust one another with foreign participants from universities abroad. In particular, there were 59 students from Petra, 27 students from Dongseo University, South Korea, 29 students from Inholland University, the Netherlands, 10 students from Hong Kong Baptist Church, 4 students from Chinese University of Hong Kong, 15 students from International Christian University, and 1 student from St Andrew’s University, Japan. Also, three universities from mainland China just joined this year’s COP. They were Lingnan University of Hong Kong (3 students), Guangxi Normal University (4 students), and Guangxi University of Science and Technology (5 students).
This year’s COP was different from those of the previous years. It had a project done by several teams in different villages. This project was renovating the buildings of a junior high school at Petung Roto village. Not only the school buildings were revamped but also the road access to the school, the school yards, the teachers’ room and other areas. One village had its own team to make them more focused in their work. Besides this all-joint project, each team had their own project in the designated village. The activities included teaching English to school children, introducing their cultures, cooking, building public toilets, making street signs and many others. Together with the local village people, they worked on various projects to make 2013 COP successful.
Dongseo University, South Korea, generously donated solar-cell lamps which can save electricity in the village. Not only this, Bupati Kediri also donated cement, stones, bricks and other building materials. Another attractive program was called art therapy in which the local students were asked to draw what they wanted to be in the future. In relation to learning science, the students were taught how to make water rocket, a mineral water bottle pumped with water which could launch like a rocket.

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